Vitality Foods started the way a lot of business start, with an idea. Vitality Foods is a manufacturer and distributer of quality nut and seed butters. Our journey started in a small kitchen in Harare, Zimbabwe with a vision of providing healthy alternatives free from artificial additives, sugar, hydrogenated oils, preservatives and fillers. What began as a pursuit of healthier choices, now encompasses a wide offering of healthy nut and seed butters. Our products are made in small and controlled batches to ensure high quality and freshness in every jar. We strive to be known for our natural product and unique flavour profile.

Healthy & Wholesome

We make our delicious peanut butters (and other goodies) with wholesome, natural ingredients and no added nasties – just real, down-to-earth goodness. After all, why tinker with something that’s utterly gorgeous just as it is?

We craft our peanut butter using only the finest natural ingredients—and very few of them. Starting with a lovable legume that carries a proud history: the peanut. (We think it’s the greatest known to mankind.) Deliciously roasted, of course. Then we add a little pinch of salt. Just enough. And we’re done.